The travel retail opportunity


The Challenge

Travel companies must increase conversion rates and create new lucrative revenue sources to survive the price pressure on air fares - at minimum cost and  organizational impact.

Creating a Better Travel Experience

Some are already doing it - by meeting the increasing expectations of their passengers and their demand for travel enhancing services.

Join the Travel Merchandisers

Best-in class airline´s ancillary services reach over 40% conversion rates, accounting for $100 per passenger and 40% of their total income.

As a travel retail partner, we help our clients bring in the ancillary revenues that make all the difference.

Take The Journey With Us!

The travel retail experience

In 9 steps

01. booking

  • Make your trip better
    • Choose your favourite seat. 
    • What's for dinner – check out our new tastes. 
    • Musician or surfer? Put on some extra weight.

The Right Sales Channels

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Your ancillaries offered online where your travels are sold – travel agencies, OTAs or travel agents - presented in the right way. 

Seamless Services

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Consistent service and brand experience across different sales channels. 

Easy to buy

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Simple and convenient:

- Predictive, segmented emails
- Deep-links directly to offer in web shop
- Optimised user interface
- Online pre-ordering and payment

02. Confirmation with reminders

  • Forgot something?
    • Choose your seat.
    • You can still order your meal at online price.
    • Email direct link into our web shop. 


  • What's on at your destination?
    • Tickets online: concerts, sports and tours.
    • Destination guides: where to go, what to do.

Rich Choice

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Create new concepts flexibly and plug in 3rd party services.

Personalised offers

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Personalised, predictive services – the right offers to the right passenger - at the right time.

Reliable Delivery

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Reliable, convenient delivery to the right passenger in time - despite booking changes, plane changes and delays.

04. pre-ordered products

  • Personalised email with offers
    • Offers selected especially for you.
    • Duty free spirits, perfumes, accessories...
    • Bundled value packs.
  • Easy shopping
    • Click the offer to view it inside our web shop.
    • No login or booking details to fill in.
    • Products images and rich information.
    • Easy to compare, browse and buy.
  • Convenient delivery
    • Pick up at your seat, gate or home.

05. auto CHECK-IN

  • Ready to check in?
    • You can now check in and choose your seat.
    • Social seating – see who you´re travelling with.

  • Enjoy the free wi-fi in our lounge.

  • Successfully checked in
    • Your seats are 1A and 1B - good choice!
    • Last minute pre-order – pick up on arrival.

Multiple Touch Points

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Marketing across multiple touch points, driving conversion both in-booking and post-booking.


  • Ready for boarding
    • Here is your boarding pass.

  • From airport to final destination
    • Order airport transfer or taxi on arrival now.


  • Treat yourself
    • Enjoy your favourite artist, music and films.
    • Today's special offers: kids fun pack and sun glasses.
    • Surf's up. Hook up to our onboard wi-fi.

Mobile Adaptive

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Optimised user interfaces with device adaptive web sites and messages.


  • Before you go back
    • Gift packs - make someone at home happy.
    • Souverniers - bring something back home.
    • Pre-order online and pick it up at the gate.

09. Welcome home

  • How was your trip?
    • Short survey – win a trip.
    • What is your next travel?
    • We have a great offer for you!

Optimise Performance

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Measure and optimise performance based on facts and customer insights.