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Time to stop missing out on ancillary revenues

Looking for cost-effective ways to increase your conversion rates and introduce new lucrative services?

Prospering airlines

Passengers increasingly expect travel enhancing services and are willing to pay for them. Some airlines make travel retail their core business and meet those expectations. They are not just surviving the day: they thrive. At the same time ecommerce and new technologies enable automation and self-service, reducing operational costs and making life easier for their passengers.

We take you there

Our products has a proven trackrecord of increasing our customers conversion rate with 40%. Through our extensive experience in travel retail, we enable airlines to provide a better travel experience, make their brands stand out and unlock their business potential. We know it works. Really.

Create new services

Provide new value added service concepts and bundle services flexibly, responding to traveller needs and reducing time to money.

Aggregate and distribute

Aggregate services from your inventory and third party suppliers and distribute them to your web site as well as your OTA, tour operator and travel agent sales channels.


Implement smart merchandising techniques and manage your airline retail effectively. 


Provide a better user experience, interacting with passengers at all touch points through their journey.

Manage technology

Adopt to new industry standards and technologies, handling varying file formats.

Cut costs

Rid yourself of unnecessary GDS ancillary distribution costs.

We make NDC your advantage

As an IATA Strategic Partner, Paxport is proud to be driving the adoption of the new NDC standard and helping airline clients and travel agencies to take advantage of the emerging new travel market.

Your travel retail partner

Whether you work for a schedule or charter airline, regional or LCC, technology alone will not make it happen. As your travel retail partner, we offer managed services for your entire ancillary business process, from planning through marketing and sales to delivery, allowing you to focus on your core business. All with limited set up cost and impact on your organisation.

Getting started

Knowing all airlines are different, we start with an assessment of your business case, technology and organisation. After you press the start button you should be able to see the revenue effect within months rather than years.

This is all packaged with a neat little bow in what we call the Merchandising Distribution System concept, which you can read more about here.


Ancillary conversion rate – best in class airline.


Ancillary revenue/passenger – best in class airline.


Ancillary Revenue Hunt

Play the Ancillary Revenue Hunt and find out how you score.

The Travel Retail Experience

  • Sales channels
  • Seamless services
  • Easy to buy
  • Rich content
  • Personalisation
  • Delivery
  • Multiple touch points
  • Mobile aptive
  • Optimising
  • Sales channels

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Your ancillary services are not offered through the right partners or resellers. Most airlines sell the main part of their travels via indirect channels - OTAs, tour operators and travel agents. But their complete portfolio of ancillary services is only available on their own web site. At the same time, resellers would be eager to sell them if they had access to them.

    Solution: Offer your ancillaries online where most of your travels are sold, and make sure they are presented in a way that drives conversion, not only a service name/SSR code and a price. This will open up new sales channels and multiply conversion rates and revenue per passenger.

    Paxport: Through our integration services, full ancillary data in the airline or supplier inventory can be distributed to their reseller's booking engines. We integrate the systems, aggregate ancillary data from airline and third party providers, and distribute the offers to the sales channels.

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  • Seamless services

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Your brand and services are not reflected by your partners and resellers. Travel agent customers often need to choose between a number of different service providers or airlines to check in, select seats or purchase other services. Your web site might link to a less user-friendly partner-branded site where they have to renter their booking details again to buy a service.

    Solution: Maintain a consistent service and brand experience across your sales channels will strengthen your brand, increase customer satisfaction and retention. Make it easy for passengers to find and purchase your business partner services. 

    Paxport: Our multi-login portal for tour operator web sites/my booking enables a single login to multiple web shops or partner sites. Our solutions include deep links leading straight to the offer inside my booking or the web shop without  login, automatically transfering the passenger´s booking details.

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  • Easy to buy

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Most ancillaries are simply too difficult to buy. You can have all the right ancillaries and experience extremely low conversion rates. Most of your travellers are probably not aware of your offers and will not spend time looking for them. And even if they are, they do not actually buy anything because they find it too time consuming and inconvenient.

    Solution: Market your services though predictive emails and sms triggered by the traveller´s schedule and online activities. Link the offers directly into the web shop. Optimize user interface content and design to improve conversion rates by continuously analysing consumer behaviour. Offer convenient pre-ordering: click and pay - goods delivered to the passenger´s seat, gate, home or hotel.

    Paxport: Using our travel ecommerce platform, we manage our client´s email and sms messaging and operate branded web shops on their behalf. We integrate ecommerce solutions, content and effective user interfaces on their web site or booking engine. Our preorder concept and global network of 3rd party suppliers enable easy ordering and delivery of a variety of products to your passengers.

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  • Rich content

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Passengers are willing to pay for travel enhancing services, but often don´t have much more than basic flight-related services to choose from. They spend hours in the hands of the airlines or tour operator who fail to provide them an opportunity to shop or treat themselves, held back by limitations of their booking or distribution system.


    Solution: A richer choice of services is likely to increase your share of the passenger spend: flight-related, limited/unlimited availability, pre-ordered, airport convenience and destination related services. You need to be responsive to the traveller´s changing habits and preferences and launch new innovative service concepts quickly.

    Paxport: Our Ancillary Inventory Services give you the flexibility to create the passenger services you want without the limitations of your booking or distribution system. The service properties can be set in our ancillary inventory system, for instance price, sales window and availability in real time. Paxport can also plug in a wide range of services through our global affiliate network of third party suppliers, from pre-ordered and online duty-free to airport transfer.

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  • Personalisation

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: a big part of the offers are not perceived as relevant by the individual passenger. Obviously a family have different needs than a business traveller, but ignoring buying history can also mean missing out on revenues. This could mean offering a service that a customer has already bought, or missing an opportunity to follow up a purchase with offers that complement it.

    Solution: Promoting the right services to the right passenger at the right time will have a major impact on sales. To predict what offers each passenger would be interested in, both demographics - like location, gender or age - and actual online behaviour need to be considered. Timing is also crucial: for instance, certain services are more likely to be chosen at when the passenger is booking the ticket, while others tend to appear more interesting 48 hours from departure. 

    Paxport: Our Ancillary Inventory Services allow you to segment and bundle offers to target different customer profiles. Each ancillary offer can be dynamically defined on price, timing, service availability, route, aircraft type and more. By using passenger itinenary and CRM data from resellers and suppliers, we make your offers predictive and increase their conversion rates. 

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  • Delivery

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Services might not always be delivered accurately to your passengers due to aircraft changes, booking changes and delays. This is often one of the main reasons why airlines miss out on retail opportunities if they believe they would risk service failures and customer complaints.

    Solution: Effective passenger and data management ensuring that airlines, airports, resellers, 3rd party suppliers and authorities have the passenger and order data they need - when they need it. All while ensuring compliance with IATA standards and authorities.

    Paxport: Paxport has extensive experience in passenger data management. Our global network includes 300+ tour operators, 30 airlines, 600 active stations, 15 DCSs and third party service providers. Paxport´s managed services and systems ensure delivery of the ordered service at the right time and place.

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  • Multiple touch points

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Only offering services in the booking flow means missing out on revenues. It´s simply not the best timing for all offers. The passenger tend to be open to flight related offers like choosing a seat or adding extra luggage at booking, while duty-free offers or airport services appear relevant a couple of days before departure.

    Solution: Every passenger touch point can be turned into a sales opportunity. Market your ancillary services through the passenger´s entire journey to drive conversion both in-booking and post-booking. You have the advantage of having both your passenger's attention and travel schedule. Bundling a commercial offer with information that the passenger needs can give it enough attention to result in a purchase.

    Paxport: Our Merchandising Services include automated post-booking emails and sms, using touch points for marketing as well as push notifications with boarding passes, confirmations and other travel information. These messages can be scheduled depending on departure date or triggered by the passenger´s online activities.

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  • Mobile aptive

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Non user-friendly mobile and tablet user interfaces. Mobile devices are taking over ecommerce and worldwide mobile payments are predicted to reach 1 trillion USD by 2017.* Visitors increasingly expect web sites and messages to be optimised for their mobile devices – if they are not, many will simply leave.


    *Add source

    Solution: Device adaptive web sites and email messages and to optimise user interfaces. Your offers should be available through the devices that suits the traveller, be it mobiles, tablets or pc:s. Optimising user interface increases conversion by 10-20%.*

     *Thinking like a retailer: Airline merchandising, Frost&Sullivan 2014.

    Paxport: All our web shops, ecommerce solutions and html messages are device adaptive, user interfaces carefully designed and tested to optimise conversion.

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  • Optimising

    Enabled by Paxport

    Problem: Ancillary creation and marketing that is not based on facts and actual customer behaviour tend to result in poor conversion rates. Not knowing how your customers respond to your offers means you don´t know what action to take to improve performance.

    Solution: Tracking passenger activities online and following up on your KPI metrics, makes it possible to tune your offers: this is how to find the best timing, channels, price and routes to present them to travellers. Measured KPIs is also needed to incentivise your sales channels. Measuring sales and performance data is key to continuously improving operations and your business results. 

    Paxport: Paxport´s Business Performance Management services delivers real-time ancillary sales and performance data, giving user-friendly graphical views of the statistics you need to optimise your business. We can also analyse your travel ecommerce operation regularly and recommend or manage improvements.

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Flight-related services Aggregate and Distribute Third Party Services Market Web shop Sell Email and sms marketing Passenger

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  • Flight-related services

    Paxport integrates with the airline CRS/GDS/ancillary inventory to access their flight-related services such as seats, extra luggage and meals. For many clients we store and manage airline services in our Ancillary Inventory system.

  • Aggregate and Distribute

    Paxport aggregates flight-related and non-flight related services from the service providers and distributes them to the selected airline and reseller sales channel. We manage the data, updating it dynamically for service providers, sales channels and airports to access. This includes passenger data (e.g. PNL, itinerary and passenger profile), service data (e.g. prices and availability) and purchasing data (purchased services).

  • Third Party Services

    Paxport have access to a wide range of non-flight-related services such as pre-order products like duty-free perfumes, liquors and gift packs; airport transfers; and concert tickets. We facilitate reliable delivery of these services at the passenger´s convenience to most destinations, made possible through our network of affiliate partners.

  • Market

    Paxport´s travel ecommerce management drives the conversion and profitability of our client´s ancillary services by using smart merchandising techniques. We analyse actual customer behaviour and measure KPI:s regularly to optimise offers and marketing, striving for ever higher conversion rates.

  • Web shop

    We manage web shops and other ecommerce sites on behalf of our clients, presenting their offers with enriched contents - images and descriptions - to optimise user interfaces.

  • Sell

    Paxport´s sells the ancillary services and distributes the revenues to airlines, sales channels and providers according to the agreed split. Our online shops offer different secure payment methods.

  • Email and sms marketing

    We interact with your passengers on all post-booking touch points by automated marketing emails and sms:s. Targeting the right passenger segments with personalised offers at the right time is key to increase conversion.

  • Passenger

    The passenger enjoys the benefits of an enriched travel experience with more choice and convenience, which increases the probability of choosing our client the next time it´s time to book a travel.


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