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We strive to continuously increase our customer's ancillary revenues and ensure that operations run smoothly.

PaxShop 2.0 is being launched

The new version of our outsourced Travel Ancillary Web Shop will strengthen your brand and boost your revenues. It enables a modern, inspiring and convenient shopping experience for your customers, increasing your ancillary revenue by up to € 5 per passenger. The upgrades from PaxShop1.0/1.5 are taking place starting Q1 2016.

The new generation PaxShop supports the latest eCommerce functionality.

Some of the new functions of the release are:

  • product filtering
  • advanced analytics software
  • extensive widget support
  • advanced search
  • rich media content – video, 360 product rotator, additional image support
  • deep link to all categories and pages - no login required

  • navigate directly to selected category or section in the web shop
  • supports a wide variety of payment methods on local markets
  • mobile responsive

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If you need any help or have questions, you are always welcome to contact your account manager.