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Airline best practice: how to launch a pre-ordering initiative

Today, airlines are not just competing with each other for a share of the passenger market; they are also competing for a cut of each passenger’s total travel budget.

Some of this competition takes place between the airlines and duty-free shops, where duty-free shops currently enjoy a dominant market share of the order of 60% compared with only 7% for airlines.

Airlines that have decided to invest in an online shop that offers pre-ordering of duty-free products face a range commercial decisions and must familiarize themselves with what can and cannot be done for the launch to be successful. This white paper goes through the
steps and actions to be taken prior to the launch, but also considers the follow-up required to continuously tune the business concept in terms of profitability and customer satisfaction.


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White paper: Travel Retail, Travel Retail Trends, Merchandising, Ancillary Strategy, Pre-Order

Unleash the Opportunities of Online Shopping for Airlines

Don´t let a great opportunity fly by you. Find out how web-based pre-ordering systems give airlines a bigger share...

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