The beginning

In the late 80’s, the whole travel industry was going through a transition where loading and logistics were done manually. However, the need for faster processing at the airport could now be aided by computer technology.
Optispec saw the opportunity to develop a software system (TopCom) to consolidate and handle passenger data from multiple tour operators, merging this data and passing it to a DCS for the check-in phase of the flight. Both airports and leisure airlines saw the benefit of using the system to speed up the check-in process. Later the option to add value by offering other services naturally developed.

Paxport is born

In 1992 the first TopCom system was sold and that was the start of a growing success – selling the model to leisure airlines.
Around 1998 the outsourced service Passenger Management was introduced and became the mainstream from 2000 to present time.
In September 2003 Optispec AB changed name to Paxport AB to reflect the business more accurately.

Over the years the company and the system have developed and been modernized to meet customer requirements. In the early part of 2007 the first web shop was launched, a customer branded website through which passengers could buy added value services, such as seat allocation, upgrade meal options etc.

Paxport + Multicom

In the beginning of 2016 Paxport acquired Multicom, one of the most established and well respected suppliers of online travel software- and travel technology solutions for the global travel industry. Since 1991, Multicom had been enhancing travel businesses with powerful technology solutions, including XML API integration, travel product aggregation and distribution booking engine, payment services, e-commerce platform and travel website performance enhancing services, innovated to address the evolving needs of the travel industry.

Today Paxport is able to provide outstanding travel merchandising services, both in the booking and post-booking stage. Our vision is to create the world´s best travel retail experience and become the one-stop-shop for travel retailers.

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