Just back home from London, I was there to participate in, and speak at, the Lufthansa Group’s Distribution Dialogue Day – the second time I’ve been asked to speak at a Lufthansa event
after participating in the Lufthansa Direct Connect Community day in Geneva in the beginning of May.

As the last time the seminar was packed with travel resellers from both the business and leisure segment of the industry, on- and offline travel resellers, which opened up to good discussions as the processes of the
different reseller types differ a lot. And we did have some interesting discussions!

As a chosen Direct Connect technology partner invited to take part and share knowledge and insights about what is happening in the airline industry I was also joined by 3 other technology partners,
all 3 with slightly different business ideas than Paxport, really helpful to listen to their speeches as it gave a wider understanding of the different processes within the reseller business.

It is obvious that there is room for other tech providers, like Paxport, to help “patch things up” where the legacy systems don’t always has cover

One of the key take-aways from this seminar was that I was strengthened in my belief that distribution is so much more than distribution, it is so complex when considering payments, fulfilment, delivery and not to forget the operational side. Another one is that the “somewhat disruptive” strategy from the Lufthansa Group is so refreshing, really “stirring the airline distribution pot” a bit.

Now, with British Airways and the other IAG airlines moving towards the same kind of initiative – no one can predict how things will look in 3-5 years but it is going to be an interesting journey.

Feel free to read my take on it as published in tnooz back in June here.