We continue with our series Meet the team and this time we would like to introduce one of our colleagues at the Bristol office.

Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Andy Smith and I have worked at Paxport for 4 years. I’d been looking for new job for some time when I was offered the interview at Multicom (today Paxport). A couple of my friends knew people that had worked at Multicom, who all spoke positively of the working environment, and of their colleagues. The central location of the Bristol office is also a key benefit.

Continuing my 16-year Support career, I started in the Support team as a 2ndLine Support Analyst. After 3 years I was promoted to Senior Support Analyst. In June this year, I moved away from Support and took up a new role of Product Owner in the Product Delivery team.

Outside of work, I like to tinker with and ride bicycles. I also like jumping out of aeroplanes and other extreme sports.

What do you do on a regular day?

A lot of my time is spent gathering and writing user stories, and defining requirements for products that are in the pipeline. My new role has put me at the base of a new learning curve, and so I spend time researching, investigating, and learning, the practices and methodologies employed in the development and delivery process. As I become more involved in the various processes involved in product delivery, this means regular meetings with the development and test teams, and product sponsors.

What are some of the challenges of the job?

The travel industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. Products must keep up and continue to be reliable. This is a constant challenge, and whilst there can be frustration, it also means there are some interesting projects, working with talented teams and individuals.

What keeps you motivated to enjoy your job?

I enjoy working closely with the various teams in the business, and stakeholder groups of our customers and suppliers. It is good to see how all the different elements of the travel industry work, and identify areas of fragmentation in employed technology and protocols, that can be taken advantage of with new products and solutions.

Name three things you think our customers don’t know about Paxport.

Paxport’s staff are as multilingual as our customers. One of the best aspects of working in the Bristol office, is the diverse mixture of cultures and communities that are represented in its workforce. The wider Bristol community that I love, is reflected well in the people at Paxport.

The area of Bristol around Victoria Street, especially the Seven Stars pub which serves as Paxport Bristol’s local, is one of the most significant landmarks to the abolition of slavery in Bristol. Thomas Clarkson (1760-1846) came to the city to collect evidence on the cruelty of the trade in humans. He was helped by the landlord of the Seven Stars, a man named Thompson, to gather eyewitness evidence from sailors.

What three things do you always bring when you fly?

I always try to bring a measure of patience with me when I travel. Whilst queuing is supposed to be a British pass-time, I am not a typical Brit in that sense.

A hard paper copy of my itinerary is always in my hand luggage as a backup to any tickets or passes I may have stored on my phone. I’m an advocate of embracing technology, however, depending on where you’re travelling to, you may not be sure of where your next charging point will be.

This leads to my next essential – power adapter converters for UK to EU, and other country’s power sockets.

If I am in a small Cessna, on the way to skydiving altitude, I always make sure I’m wearing a jumpsuit, parachute, altimeter and helmet. ?

Thank you Andy for taking the time introducing yourself!