Small Planet Airlines partners with Paxport to drive ancillary sales and improve customer experience

Small Planet Airlines and Paxport have entered into agreement to build a new post-booking merchandising solution to allow the targeted selling of value added ancillaries to Small Planet Airlines travellers, and to enable Small Planet Airlines to upscale its business.

As part of its ambitious growth plans for Germany, including ten aircraft operating on behalf of Small Planet Germany and new bases in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Leipzig this year, and with continued growth in passenger numbers having carried its millionth passenger in January, Small Planet Airlines has partnered with Paxport to revolutionise the airline’s ancillary sales and operational customer service.

With the PaxShop ancillary retailing platform Paxport will support Small Planet’s growth through unlocking new business and revenue opportunities. The solution will allow travellers to be presented with value add ancillaries at every touchpoint of the traveller journey, from pre-booking through booking and into post-booking. Small Planet Airlines can expect to increase ancillary revenues by up to EUR 10 per passenger based on best in class airline performance, and to secure average order
values of up to EUR 70.

Small Planet Airlines will also be able to offer the PaxShop platform to key Tour Operator partners who will then be able to have their own branded environments in which these post-booking services can be sold.

Taking advantage of Paxport’s PaxManagement service, Small Planet will also outsource day to day booking consolidation, planning and distribution of passenger data to Paxport, where Paxport will communicate with DCS’, handling agents, authorities and other third-party suppliers with high quality and efficiency to enable the airline to focus on its core activities. Paxport is a leader in this field, processing 12 million passengers and managing revenue of EUR 30 million per annum.

Paxport CEO Tony Barker said: “We are very happy to be working with Small Planet Airlines and we look forward to delivering a suite of services that will support and enable the airline’s exciting plans. We have a lot of experience in this field and we look forward to supporting Small Planet with this experience and with an innovative approach to our partnership that will enable us to jointly deliver a best in class passenger experience.”

Small Planet Airlines Germany CCO Oliver Pawel added: “We are delighted about our new partnership with Paxport which will support our ambitious growth plans for Germany. With this new approach to channel ancillaries we will improve our service level to our growing customer base and build a continuous revenue stream for our airline in the German market.”

About Paxport:

Paxport connects airlines, resellers and service providers with travellers on one multi-channel platform. Built to give full advantage of NDC advancements with a truly global reach, it includes an integrated shop, free aggregation, a secure payment solution, and distribution and seat management services, among other things.

Dynamic pricing, predictive algorithms, and fully automated marketing programmes ensure travellers receive relevant personalised merchandising offerings and nudges at touch points throughout their journeys, no matter who they are or where they are going.

Today the platform contributes significantly to many travel companies’ revenue streams – as much as 30% for some airlines and travel operators. And once connected, a company typically sees increased revenue of 5% to 10% in a matter of months.

Our vision is to always improve people’s travel experiences through the best travel platform on the planet. By embracing personalisation on the Paxport platform you can help secure a greater customer base and higher revenues for your company over the long-term.

Paxport was founded in 1994, has 90 employees and serves over 80 airlines and over 250 resellers in the UK and continental Europe. The Paxport technology centre is in Bristol, UK, and merchandising centre of excellence in Stockholm, Sweden.

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About Small Planet Airlines Germany:

Since the launch of Small Planet Airlines Germany in May 2016 the airline has flown over one million passengers on behalf of the top four Tour Operators in Europe to popular destinations around the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and Egypt. During this winter season (2017/18) its fleet of four modern Airbus A320s is based in
Paderborn-Lippstadt, Hannover, Hurghada and Amsterdam. From summer 2018 onwards ten Airbus A320s and A321s will be operating to support the opening of new bases in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Leipzig.

Small Planet Airlines Germany is part of the Baltic Small Planet Airlines Group, with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. It holds airline operating certificates (AOC) in Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Cambodia, as well as operating in France, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Founded in 2010, from summer 2018 onwards the Small Planet Group will be operating a fleet of 28 modern aircraft in total, including 20 Airbus A320 planes with 180 seats, and 8 Airbus A321 planes with 220 seats.