PaxCache – Speedy and accurate data

PaxCache offers you a high speed import and accuracy of data with wider combinations, frequently updated 24/7. PaxCache can be fully integrated into PaxFaB or used as a separate product in your platform.

Unrestricted search results. PaxCache is capable of delivering wide search results with accurate pricing and enriched data. The state of the art caching used within PaxCache is dynamic, responding to the volume of searches performed and increasing its update frequency as price differences are detected between search results and costing.

Complete control over packaging. Using a range of business and pricing rules, PaxCache allows you to tailor the

way in which content is packaged.

Our enriched data gives you a wide calendar search, multi sector and regional flying increasing your conversion. The enhanced data provides you with pricing for adult, child and infant as well as mixed carriers.

Business Values:

  • High speed and frequent updated data
  • Range of fares available
  • Mix products and carriers
  • Both one ways and returns
  • Regional connection flights
  • Multi sector flights
  • Increased revenue and customer retention


Speed of Response