PaxFaB – High quality and accurate content

Over 220 integrated suppliers, including many of the biggest and best-known travel brands, provides PaxFaB with a wide variety of travel content including flight, accommodation, package and ancillaries. The combination of integrated supplier and product choice ensures that you’ll be able to offer your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Technology you can rely on. PaxFaB boasts a scalable and robust platform for Search, Cost and Book fast to market and easy to connect. For bigger users, connect via API. Medium to smaller users can connect with our self-service widget or Agent Desktop.

Price accuracy. The incredible search volumes supported by PaxFaB on a daily basis have a significant positive impact on the accuracy of prices returned by the system. This accurate pricing directly translates into customer confidence, leading to increased conversion and customer retention.


Our powerful mid-office tools allow you to control every aspect of PaxFaB. Inventory availability can be configured based on a range of business rules and you can adjust margins, mark-ups and commission. In addition to managing which content is available, you can also make amendments to the content, changing accommodation images or descriptions.

Our Customer Services interface monitors the performance and bookings made through your account and can provide you with valuable management information and business intelligence. We offer 24/7 service to make sure connections are live and working

Business Values:

  • Powerful aggregator for fares, accommodation, rich content and other travel services
  • Low cost distribution
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Increased conversion, customer confidence and retention
  • Simplified customer booking experience

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