The answer to world-class travel retail experience

The Merchandising Distribution System (MDS) is a combined service from Paxport which allows the distribution and merchandising of flights and other travel related products and services from a single source:

  • Aggregate and merchandise content throughout the journey
  • Maximise touchpoints to improve conversions
  • Unlock ancillary sales for indirect channels

MDS allows you to improve efficiency and reduce complexity by using Paxport as a one stop shop, and affords you much greater traveller brand loyalty.


An integration to airlines, aggregating fares and ancillaries, makes selling and buying of all services of an airline easy and accessible in more sales channels. Furthermore, this also makes the content combinable in packages with other travel related products, such as hotels, duty free, seating, online check-in. This takes away the limitation of legacy system for a potentially more flexible and customer oriented service portfolio. All parties in the travel value chain will benefit an improved brand and higher customer satisfaction, it maximises marketshares and conversions.


Our way of aggregation is a modern way and alternative selling channel for reaching Tour Operators, Travel Agents & OTA’s. Search, cost and book with content providers via aggregated API. We have a strong portfolio of trade clients with established traffic on routes to grow marketshare and increased load factor. All with competitive distribution fees and cost savings for Non-GDS bookings as well as diversify fares in different channels, targeting specific resellers. There is a possibility for up-sell of flight services for seat selection, baggage, meals etc. Adopted NDC standards to increase retailing opportunities.


We provide a plug n’ play system for integrating, monitoring and maintenance of the content as well as the e-commerce knowledge to maximise your revenue stream. Just like you need a good driver for a sports car, we drive your net revenue contributor for you.

Ancillary products and services are available through the MDS both at the time of booking and during the post-booking customer journey.

Commercial performance relating to ancillary sales is directly linked to effective customer communication and the relevance of featured products and services to personalise the experience. MDS strikes the balance through a service-driven approach offering customers the right products at the right time (using customer and destination profiling business rules) to maximise sales whilst minimising customer annoyance (which can often be caused by promoting everything at once).

Service providers that connect to the Paxport MDS make their services readily available and effectively marketed to travellers across a multitude of sales channels. Flights can be bundled with seats, hotels and duty-free purchases, enabling the reseller to offer customers flight and non-flight services they have never been able to sell before, adding revenue and differentiating their brands.

Value for the travel community

The MDS solution importantly affords value and benefit to all members of the travel community, ensuring a strategic and positive experience for all parties.


  • Marketing of full offering (traditional and ancillary) in all channels.
  • Adding more high margin revenues and improving yields.
  • Differentiation of offering.


  • Access to full and rich content.
  • Adding more high margin revenues.
  • Merchandising and personalisation of offering to improve customer brand loyalty.


  • Transparent shopping experience.
  • A la carte options presented throughout the booking and post-booking journey.
  • Personalised travel preferences and relevant value added content.