Are you missing out on ancillary revenue?

– You have to think like a retailer, that is how you increase conversion.

Petrol stations are a good example of the change in commodity market. Most of their profit is not made from the core product – petrol. Today consumers are confronted by high margin merchandise in the shop as you can get most of what you need or crave for, at your own convence.

The same way travel industry is transforming, becoming a retail market and the strong trend today is towards unbundling. Items that were previously included in the ticket prices are now often sold as separate services. Travellers are developing even higher expectations in terms of flexibility and additional services and are willing to pay for it.

So, do not miss out on the only way to increase revenue – move away from the commodity market.

Are you an airline or a reseller?

– We can help you take retailing to the next level with our modern plug-and-play web shop.

Through our extensive experience we enable airlines and resellers to provide a better travel experience, make their brands stand out and unlock their business potential. As your partner, we take you through your challenges and help you introduce new lucrative service offers. Read more about our PaxShop.

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  • Improved revenue generation up to $4 per passenger
  • Seamless and easy customer experience
  • Predictive and dynamic offerings at the right time
  • Improves the experience of your brand
  • Scalability and quick implementation

Our solution improves your online retailing

PaxShop can be embedded in your communication which offers the flexibilty and service you need to attract more customers. It capitalises on the advantage of knowing who your customers are, where they are going and when.

You will be able to launch new services rapidly, flexibly and future proof and leverage through your preferred sales channels, maintaining a consistent service offering.

PaxShop will help you:

Make it easier for your customers to buy your services
– promotions through messages and web sites

Enhance the customer experience
– User friendly interfaces

Proactive ecommerce management
– Continously measuring, improving and optimising user experience and KPIs

To survive and prosper, airlines must become something more than just commodity flight providers.

– Tony Barker, CEO and owner of Paxport

Merchandising features


PaxShop – Strengthens your brand and boosts your ancillary with an eCommerce webshop.

  • A modern way of distribution
  • Flexible Plug n’ Play system
  • Unlock your ancillary potential
  • Touchpoints throughout the customer journey
  • Your ancillary revenue partner
  • Why Paxport

A modern way of distribution Flexible Plug n' Play system Unlock your ancillary potential Touchpoints throughout the customer journey Your ancillary revenue partner Why Paxport
  • Why Paxport?

    Get a bigger share of the traveller’s wallet by turning every customer touch point into a sales opportunity for you.
    We do this by differentiating your offering, getting access to full and rich content and rid yourself of unnecessary GDS ancillary distribution costs.

    You can increase revenue by $4 per passenger.

  • Why Paxport

    Why are we better than our competitors. Our mission is to create and manage a travel retail market place, connecting our clients and their passengers.

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  • A modern way of distribution

    We distribute your content in the right sales channels – at low cost. Aggregate services from your inventory and third party suppliers and distribute them to your web site as well as your OTA, tour operator and travel agent sales channels.

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  • Flexible Plug n’ Play system

    We provide a plug n’ play system for integrating, monitoring and maintenance of the content as well as the e-commerce knowledge to maximise your revenue stream. Just like you need a good driver for a sports car, we drive your net revenue contributor for you.

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  • Unlock your ancillary potential

    We give you the opportunity to unlock ancillary potential in a branded shop. Our products has a proven track record of increasing our customers conversion rate with 40%. Through our extensive experience in travel retail, we enable tour operators, online travel agencies and travel agents to make their brands stand out as well as their business performance. We deliver what you need to grow your ancillary business. We know it works. Really.

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  • Touchpoints throughout the customer journey

    We offer marketing opportunities throughout the customer journey driving conversion both in-booking and post-booking. Every passenger touch point can be turned into a sales opportunity. Market your ancillary services through the passenger´s entire journey to drive conversion both in-booking and post-booking. You have the advantage of having both your passenger’s attention and travel schedule. Bundling a commercial offer with information that the passenger needs can give it enough attention to result in a purchase.

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  • Your ancillary revenue partner

    Whether you work for a schedule or charter airline, regional or LCC, technology alone will not make it happen. As your travel retail partner, we offer managed services for your entire ancillary business process, from planning through marketing and sales to delivery, allowing you to focus on your core business. All with limited set up cost and impact on your organisation.

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