PaxShop – Boost your ancillary revenue

PaxShop is the channel to make post-booking efficient, dynamic and user-friendly for airlines and travel resellers, optimised to generate revenue from flight ancillaries and other ancillaries. Our clients have reached conversion rates up to 45% and €70 average order value. You can choose an outsourced or a plug-in solution.

Inspiring and easy shopping with a wide range of ancillary services to choose from enables your customers to tailor their trip and increases your share of their spend.

Pick and choose the ancillaries you want to offer. PaxShop enables your customers to book and pay for flight ancillaries such as; seating, meals, baggage and other ancillaries such as; transfer, car parking, airport hotels, tours and attractions.

Optimising site usability and conversion rates. PaxShop measure and analyses how your customers navigate the web shop, where they convert, how they scroll and where they drop off. As an option, you can let our experienced e-commerce team manage the digital content and performance.

Outsourced or plug-in solution? Let us take care of your PaxShop in our outsourced solution and include customer service, or connect with us through your own platform.

Personalised offers. Based on customer data PaxShop enables personalised offers relevant for the customer.

Quick and easy to get started. PaxShop is implemented turnkey, requiring a minimum investment in cost and effort for our clients. Start generating additional revenues is easier than you think.

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Business Values:

  • Increased ancillary revenue
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Customer experience
  • Personalised offers
  • Strengthen brand
  • Pick and choose ancillaries


Added revenue per passenger


Added order value per booking