Unique Passenger Management

Do you have a hard time adopting to the new industry standards and technologies? Do you want to save time and money? Good – you have come to the right place.

Outsourcing some of your operational activities is very cost effective. It also allows you to manage different sales channels: leisure, GDS, indirect sales.

PaxManagement is a flexible and reliable system for airline passenger data management. It includes a back-office team administrating the day to day booking consolidation, planning and distribution of passenger data to airports and suppliers. That will help you facilitate the operational challenges so you can focus on your core business. More processes than you might think can be automated.
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  • Outsourced service making your daily operation hassle-free
  • Minimal cost and time to implement

 The new way to manage payments

Would you like to be more efficient – and get an additional revenue stream? Use a virtual card as payment solution for your suppliers.

PaxPay is a payment gateway that provides access to multiple virtual card issuers via a single connection, especially developed for the travel industry.

The integrated support for card issuers offering credit and debit card facilities is beneficial for all. It is flexible, high secure and offers multiple currencies.
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  • Highly secure
  • Dynamic card selection
  • Multiple currencies

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Just like you need a skilled driver for a racing car – we drive your revenue race for you.

– Tony Barker, CEO and Owner of Paxport

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