Pax2Pay – Secure online payment solution

A payment service developed for the travel industry and provided by Paxport, offering a single platform linked to multiple key virtual payment providers. Paxport is partnering with the Payments-as-a-Service provider Modulr and their API platform for digital businesses.

Payment is a critical component to delivering an effective distribution process and booking channel. With multiple currencies and highly secure this is the new way to manage the payments. It can also be an additional revenue stream.

Pax2Pay will also help to reduce administrative costs for the OTAs and tour operators by centralising reconciliation – reducing the complexity of manually moving payments back and forth between multiple payment service providers. It will enable Paxport to offer an improved service to the 80+ airlines and 250+ resellers that use its system every day.

Security. A virtual card is only valid for a unique transaction, hence eliminating the risk of fraud and cards being compromised.

Dynamic card selection. Pax2Pay maximize the revenue and decreases the costs for the user, by defaulting certain payment types to a specific card.

Reconciliation and Reporting. Easy to reconcile bank accounts and card statements, with several reporting tools available.

Business Values:

  • 24/7 Real time fund transfers and availability
  • Single platform
  • Multiple key virtual payment providers
  • Multiple currencies
  • Avoid card surcharge fees and exchange costs
  • Reduced fraud risk
  • Simplified reconciliation
  • Centralised account reconciliation, funds only deducted when cards settle
  • Advanced multi-functional online management system
  • Advanced reporting
  • Manual card creation with data management
  • Accounts Payable payments for hotels, emergency payments etc
  • API connectivity


Card Revenues Transacted


Airlines use Pax2Pay daily


Travel resellers use Pax2Pay daily