PaxManagement – so you can focus on core business

A whole world of new possibilities opens up if you let go of inefficient administrative processes and don’t put a limit to ‘what can be done’. More processes than you might think can be automated.

The fastest and easiest way to get started is to engage an external specialist in airline passenger management. This not only saves costs and eliminates annoying errors; it also frees resources and allows you to focus on your core business.

PaxManagement collects and consolidates all required data from airlines, tour operators, travel agents, airports, authorities and service providers and distributes it dynamically to the concerned parties as PNL/ADLs and other required reports.

We manage all operational communication with DCS´s, handling agents and other actors, including technical interfaces according to industry standards.

We have the technical solution to help you with the new EU PNR directive for APIS data.

To optimise the solution it can easily be connected with our merchandising PaxShop, generating new revenue streams for your business selling ancillaries.

Business Values:

  • Robust and expedient outsourced service
  • Paxport manages all daily operational communication
  • Structured and efficient way to consolidate flight and passenger data with access to Paxport´s extensive station network


connected stations worldwide


processed passengers per year